Easy To Use Hot Tubs

Easy to use hot tubs and swim spas

Red Spa hot tubs and swim spas are designed to be straightforward and uncomplicated, both to operate and to maintain. When you buy a Red Spa we want you to be free to spend all your time enjoying it, whilst any essential maintenance is kept to a minimum.

Performance water filtration

Filtering your hot tub water will remove debris and sediments from the water. The filter system in every Red Spa uses cartridge filter technology. These cartridges filter a surface area up to colossal 100 square feet removing all the small particles. These filters are also easy to clean by just rinsing out with a garden hose.

The Red Spa filtering system is fully automated and intelligent. Many other hot tub systems will filter continuously, which unnecessarily wastes energy. The Red Spa intelligent filter system ensures your water is only filtered when needed, saving energy and saving you money.

Less chemical application and more time to enjoy your hot tub

Every Red Spa hot tub and swim spa is fitted with an ozonator as standard. An ozonator is a device which creates Ozone (O3), which is an extremely powerful natural sanitizer and will kill 99.9% of bacteria that it comes in contact with. It also acts as an oxidiser helping to keep your water clear by removing other contamination like soaps or deodorants. For the ozone to work effectively Red Spa use a special contact chamber where the ozone is injected directly allowing for maximum contact with the filtered water.

This means your Red Spa requires less sanitizing chemicals and also reduces any environmental impact. Red Spa fit low maintenance ‘corona discharge’ style ozonators which do not require costly annual UV bulb changes.

Maintenance free cabinets and flooring

Red Spa cabinets are designed to be maintenance free and are made from a weatherproof UV resistant material. The elegant and durable panelling add lasting sophistication to your hot tub. The panels protect the equipment from the elements, but are easily removed if maintenance is required. Red Spa also provide protection for the underside of your spa with a resilient synthetic floor tray that serves to keep out rain, dirt and pests.

Benefits of Red Spa cabinets:-

  • No warping, shrinking or rotting
  • No cracking, splitting or chipping
  • Heat retention for lower operating costs
  • Removable panels for easy access
  • Moisture resistant
  • Soundproof

User friendly controls

gecko-k500-controlSometimes things do not need to be complicated and that includes your hot tub or swim spa. Red Spa use the brand new control system from Gecko. This impressive new system includes the most advanced technology. It provides the user with optimal performance to total control. The Gecko control system enables the user to get the most from their hot tub.

  • cool user interfaces
  • real-time clock and programmable functions
  • intelligent power management
  • economy mode
  • programmable filter cycles
  • bright, full colour display keypads(on Premium models)



in.clear spa water sanitization system

Gecko’s in.clear is the most efficient, reliable and safest bromine based water sanitation system ever offered to hot tub and spa owners. In.clear keeps water so clear, you’ll want to touch it, you’ll need to feel it!


in.touch wifi remote control

Control all functions of a spa from an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet with Gecko’s in.touch app. Users can select predefined spa experiences or customise their own with this ultimate remote.


in.stream audio streaming station

Stream your favourite music, internet radio or podcasts wirelessly from your spa. Gecko’s in.stream is equipped with a Bluetooth transceiver and an amplifier.


in.k120 auxiliary keypad

The in.k120 is an auxiliary keypad that can be used as an alternative to control the spa functions from a user specified location on the edge of the hot tub.