Efficient Hot Tubs

“To be more energy efficient, Red Spa hot tubs make sure the heat is kept in your hot tub”

Insulation, insulation, insulation

Red Spa Hot Tub Shell Insulation
High density ‘closed cell’ foam insulation
Every Red Spa is designed and constructed to be efficient and economical to run, keeping your running costs to an absolute minimum. At Red Spa we use four different methods to keep heat loss to a minimum.

Shell insulation

hot-tub-shell-insulationTo keep the heat inside the hot tub, the back of every hot tub shell has a layer of high density closed cell insulation. This spraying application ensures every part of the shell is insulated without any air gaps. Compared to cheaper open cell foam options, the Red Spa closed cell insulation is far superior and carries a much higher insulation rating. It is also moisture resistant.

Cabinet and floor insulation

hot-tub-cabinet-and-floor-insulationThe Red Spa shell insulation is fantastic but we don’t stop there. Behind the shell is the pipe work of the hot tub which carries warm water. To minimise heat loss from the plumbing, Red Spa fit additional layers of insulation to both the cabinet and the floor, reducing heat loss from not only the sides but also through the floor into the ground. This clever insulation reduces heat loss and also has the added benefit of keeping the heat produced by the motors inside the hot tub. This heat is then recycled and absorbed into the water instead of being wasted. The cabinet and floor insulation have two important insulation properties:

  • Thermal – a layer of thermal insulation up to 4cm thick
  • Radiant – a reflective coating which actually reflects the heat back in towards the hot tub and therefore reducing heat loss

Heat Rises

red-spa-hot-tub-coversWe know heat rises, so Red Spa fit only the best insulated hard covers. Red Spa know the cover on a hot tub is the most important component when it comes to the energy efficiency of a hot tub. Red Spa covers are amongst the best in the industry. The Red Spa ultra thick 12cm tapered cover keeps the heat inside your Red Spa hot tub.

On Red Spa Premium models the insulation is wrapped with Mylar (the same material as used in weather balloons and space blankets). Red Spa does this for enhanced heat retention, additional resistance to moisture and vapours and to extend the life of the cover.

Other features of all Red Spa covers:

  • Tapered design to allow rainwater to run off the cover
  • Powerful UV protection with high quality marine grade vinyl
  • Metal C-Channel for extreme strength
  • Safer design with child safety and security locks
  • Heavy duty handles