Enjoy your Red Spa Hot Tub

I love them. I think they are brilliant. They are great for parties. At night, disco lights come on. It’s a whole different vibe

Water jets

A variety of jets are fitted to every Red Spa, each one providing a different form of hydro massage to sooth away aches and pains.

The water jets fitted to Red Spa hot tubs are designed to provide a unique form of hydro massage to soothe away aches and pains. Every Red Spa is also fitted with a venturi system to introduce air into the water stream to invigorate and enhance your massage.

Acupressure jets – Designed with a small nozzle for a focused deep tissue massage on small areas. These types of jets are ideal for tight muscle areas such as your shoulders, neck and feet which really benefit from a deep concentrated massage.

Power directional jets – These larger jets are able to provide a greater volume of heated water to a particular area. They are able to supply high volumes of water and enable heat from the water to be transferred deep down into your muscles thus providing relief. The pressure and direction of these jets can also be adjusted to suit. These are great for the upper and lower back areas.

Rotational jets – These jets provide a wide area massage using a rotating jet. The water is delivered with a pulsing effect to gently release muscular tensions.

When the lights are on the hot tub comes alive

The Chroma therapy light system in your Red Spa brings the hot tub to life. It enhances the visual appearance of your hot tub and helps to set the mood, with soft lights for romance or burst change for that perfect party. The lit waterfall, cup holders and top side control will complete the illuminated stylish quality and feel of your hot tub. The Red Spa variable LED colour light system includes different light effect modes. These include a selection of different colours and also programs when the colours are automatically cycled.

A bluetooth sound system that can softly enhance your relaxation time or can step up a gear for the ultimate party time

A waterproof Bluetooth/MP3 player with 6” sub woofer and all weather speakers angled to direct the sound into the hot tub. This superb sound system is now standard equipment in all the Red Spa Premium models. The perfect sound system to provide you with soft music for total relaxation or for taking up a gear to create a memorable party for any celebration.

The soothing sound of water will sail you away into complete relaxation

The soothing sound of a Red Spa waterfall creates a relaxing atmosphere, allowing you to sit back and unwind from the stresses and strains of the day.

Perfectly designed seating to fit all shapes and sizes

Each Red Spa seat has been expertly designed with body shape in mind. Contoured and shaped to fit naturally with the maximum amount of comfort for the bather. Each Red Spa seat is designed to allow for a variety of body types and to position you perfectly to receive maximum relief from each hydro massage jet.