Need help picking which hot tub is best for me?

No Fuss with a Red Spa Hot Tub

We don’t just sell a Hot Tub

Every Red Spa is sold as a comprehensive package and part of this includes the delivery and installation service. There are no hidden costs or essential extra charges associated.

We know that just choosing a hot tub can be a daunting task. Our hot tub buying guide has been specially written to help you make that choice. Once you have decided on which Red Spa is right for you then we make the rest of the process as easy as possible, keeping you informed every step of the way.

We keep you informed

We stay in touch with regular updates on the progress of your hot tub order. From ordering to production through to delivery we give weekly progress reports informing you of how things are progressing.


Once your hot tub is ready for shipment we will contact you for a convenient delivery date. This doesn’t just mean we just drop your hot tub at your door. When we arrive at your home we will also unload the hot tub and place it where you want it located.

Installation and Commissioning

Once we have delivered and sited your hot tub we will also connect your hot tub to the electric supply and fill with water. Any ancillary equipment will also be fitted by our team on the day like steps or cover lift. Once installed and all hooked up and we will complete all necessary installation checks.


Our experienced installation team will run you through the operation of the hot tub and how to care for your hot tub and water.

Once our installation team is completed your hot tub will be ready to use!

How you need to prepare for your hot tub installation

Access for your hot tub to be delivered

This is often over looked but obviously important but it is important you prepare for your hot tub to be delivered. We need to be able to move your hot tub to where you want it. Usually this means transporting it around the side of your house to the garden. We will manoeuvre the hot tub using a special trolly which enables hot tub to be moved on its side. So as a simple rule of thumb the access width you need will be the same as the height of the hot tub when flat.

Suitable base for your hot tub to be located on

The hot tub needs to be situated on a suitable area, in many cases this is a concrete pad, but it also can be a patio or decking. The main consideration to take into account is the weight – a large hot tub can weigh over 2 tonnes when full, so the area for your hot tub will need to be sufficient to take this weight. We can also supply a specialist plastic decking which can be assembled on the day by our install team and just requires a flat level surface to be laid on – easy! Check out our guide on where to locate your hot tub.

Electric Supply

Your hot tub must have an electrical supply in place ready for our team. Depending on your hot tub this could either either a standard 13 amp socket or a dedicated supply. We can advise further on this when you decide upon which model. Please consult your qualified electrician for the latest regulations on outdoor installation.

Water Supply

Just a simple garden hose will suffice. They might not need to be physically plumbed in but we do need to be able to fill your hot tub, so the installation team will need access to some form of water supply to fill your hot tub.