The Hot Tub Experience

“Water is the driving force of all nature.” Leonardo da Vinci

Experience the perfect combination of luxury and health with the benefits of a hot tub

Hot tubs can be considered a modern invention but people have been aware of the benefits of hydrotherapy for many years. Hydrotherapy dates back through history to early advanced and forward thinking civilisations such as the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans.

Just think how amazing you would feel after soaking in deep warm water with all your aches and pains being massaged away.

Warm water – You most likely have already experienced the effects of hydrotherapy by way of soaking in a bath at home. The warm water stimulates your body and creates a relaxation response where your heart rate, blood pressure and stress hormones all reduce and allow your muscles to relax.

Extra buoyancy – When sitting in a hot tub the water naturally supports your body, making you up to 90% lighter. This will help relieve pressures and pains around your body including the spine, muscles and joints.

Hydro massage – Warm water is pumped through specially designed water jets at pressure to massage your body. These jets are specifically located around the hot tub to provide the optimum massage for particular muscle groups such as your back or legs. Each seat in the hot tub is designed to work on different areas so regardless of what muscle group needs treatment you can be assured with a Red Spa you will get it. This hydro massage includes many well being benefits. Stimulation by the warm water helps improve blood flow reducing recovery times for any injuries and areas of soreness. The additional blood flow also helps remove toxins out of your system quicker. The massage relaxes the muscles and thus reduces compression on other parts of the body such as nerves, tendons and ligaments. With a Red Spa hot tub you will experience the perfect combination of health, well being and luxury.

A hot tub is a great way to de-stress

Stress affects one in five of the population and is the biggest single cause of sickness in the UK *

A hundred and one things to do, work life balance hard to juggle and ever increasing day to day chores getting in the way of really living. If you can relate to any part of that, then owning a Red Spa hot tub would really benefit you. A Red Spa hot tub gives you those essential unlimited breaks and all without leaving your home.

A hot tub gives you that special place where you can go and unwind, relax, recoup, rebalance, detox, get life back on track and improve your whole well being. You will feel better, sleep better and come out experiencing something that will leave you in no doubt as to why you need your hot tub.

Life is better with a Red Spa hot tub.

Stress can manifest both physically and psychologically and both can lead to a variety of symptoms and problems. The effect of warm water in a hot tub naturally relaxes you both physically and mentally. Reduce your stress levels with a Red Spa hot tub.

Create a better lifestyle for you and your family

The busy lives we lead today make spending quality time with friends and family increasingly difficult. Owning a hot tub gives you that area where you can all be together to relax with real conversation without all the distractions of modern life such as smart phones or the television.

Red Spa hot tubs are great for social gatherings and parties. Turn on the multi coloured LED lights, plug in your favourite tunes into the MP3 entertainment system and get the party started!

Health and wellbeing benefits

Hot tubs can provide many health benefits. Hot tubs can offer relief from aches and pains. Hot tubs can benefit people who suffer from muscular and joint conditions such as arthritis.

The therapeutic effect of the warm water and hydro massage can aid pain relief to joints and muscles.

In 2011 the Daily Mirror carried out a survey which reported that almost a third of the population suffered from insomnia affecting their health. Just 20 minutes in a Red Spa hot tub before bed can reduce your stress levels, completely relax you and significantly help you to sleep.

With a Red Spa hot tub you will experience the perfect combination of health, well being and luxury.

Make the most of your garden more of the time

Make full use of all the space in your home whether your garden is in full bloom or whether it has a blanket of snow on the ground. Your garden can be used as another functioning room of your home with a Red Spa hot tub taking pride of place. A hot tub can make full use of an unused space. A hot tub can be enjoyed on long hot summer days or starlit chilly winter nights. Red Spa hot tubs come in a variety of sizes to suit all areas. A Red Spa hot tub will bring your garden to life all year round.

Hot Tubs can improve the value of your home

When your Red Spa hot tub is installed, you create a daily oasis that you and your family can enjoy anytime, unlimited, all year round.
Not only is it a functional therapeutic appliance and entertainment centre, but the modern stylish design of a Red Spa will make your home stand out from the crowd. Adding a desirable hot tub to your property can improve the value and saleability of your home. With a Red Spa hot tub installed and ready to go, your home will be one not to miss.

* Source: Stress Management Society