Locating your hot tub

A guide to locating and positioning your hot tub

In some cases the location for your hot tub was one of the reasons for deciding to invest in a hot tub. Some people have a spot in their garden which is unused and ideal for a hot tub. But perhaps you have chosen a hot tub but are still unsure where to put it? This page will give you some helpful guidance and advice on making the best choice when locating your new Red Spa hot tub.



Which way round you want your hot tub is often overlooked. Look at the seating arrangements of the hot tubs you are considering, where do the seats face? Are they looking at a blank wall or are they looking down the garden with a great view?

Control panel

Another consideration would be the position of the control panel and if you are able to access it. If you are thinking of locating the hot tub in a corner then you need to be make sure the control panel is still accessible.

Cover access

Every Red Spa is supplied with a hard folding cover. On square models it can be fitted to fold in either direction. But on rectangular hot tubs it will fold on the longest side of the hot tub. Depending on where you locate your hot tub you want to know you are easily able to open the cover.

Cover Lifter

All Red Spa Premium and Sport hot tubs models come with a cover lift already included. In our opinion it is an essential hot tub accessory which is why unlike many other suppliers we include it as standard. It makes access to your hot tub easy and will protect you cover from scrapes and damage. When a cover lift is fitted they generally require a little access for the cover to store when open. In most cases it is about 12 – 18″.

Service and Maintenance access

Like anything mechanical regular inspections and servicing are recommended. All Red Spa hot tubs have access panels on every side. In an perfect installation every side should be accessible for any inspection work. But we appreciate this isn’t always the case. Our advice would be if the hot tub is being located in a corner position then this is fine. As any inspection work can still be carried out on the open side and if necessary the hot tub can be drained and moved out to access the remaining areas. In cases where the hot tub is being sunk or encased in decked then we would strongly advice you build in access panels to allow the panels to be removed.

Sinking your hot tub

If you are considering sinking your hot tub, then there are a couple of important points to consider. Firstly – drainage. The hole that the hot tub will be sunk into must have adequate draining, in the event of heavy rain the hole can fill with water causing flooding to the hot tub mechanicals and electrics. Secondly as mentioned previously access – allow sufficient space to be able to access the side panels of the hot tub.