How will my hot tub get into the garden?

Preparing for your hot tub delivery


You might have few areas in your garden in mind for your hot tub, but the first thing to consider is if there is sufficient access to get the hot tub to any of these spaces? Hot tubs are a large bulky single items and don’t break down into smaller pieces. They will be delivered in a single unit and require no assembly, so the entire size of the hot tub is what you need to consider when getting it in position in your garden.

Most deliveries will involve the use of a specialist trailer and dolly (or trolley). When delivered the hot tub will be loaded onto the dolly and will be positioned on its side reducing the width required for access.

Hint – The height of the hot tub will be the actual width you require for access. e.g. if the hot tub is 90cm high, when loaded on its side it will be 90cm of width.


When our installation team transport the hot tub into your garden, be aware of obstructions such protruding pipes and gutting. A large hot tub will sit quite tall on the dolly so you may need up to 2.5m of clear height access.

  • Gates can usually easily be removed to improve the width of the access
  • Still not enough access? Neighbours can often help here. Perhaps your neighbour does have access into their back garden. It them might be a simple case of removing a fencing panel and coming through into your garden – easy!
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Cranes and Hi-abs

In rare cases you might just have no option but to lift the hot tub over the obstacle. This could be from something as minor as a fence or wall, to your entire house. In most cases you won’t need anything as large as a mobile crane. If your hot tub has to go over something like a wall or fence or to as something as large perhaps as a single story garage. Then a hi-ab lorry may do. An entire house then a crane will most likely be required.

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