Red Spa 6001


  • Premium Red Spa hot tub model
  • 5 person hot tub including 2 loungers
  • 58 jets
  • LED lighting package
  • Upgraded insulation
  • Bluetooth MP3 entertainment system



Celebrity All Red Spa Premium hot tubs include the amazing LED lighting Package which includes backlit jets, perimeter lighting, waterfall and glass holders. The LED lighting package is fully programable with 7 different adjustable lighting options.

Entertainment Whether used to enhance your relaxing hot tub experience or to crank it up for a party the waterproof MP3 entertainment system will be an essential

Efficiency Red Spa Premium tubs are amongst the most efficient hot tubs available. With ultra thick insulated covers, high density foam insulated shells and 4 cm thick floor and cabinet insulation you can be assumed that your hot tub will always be hot.


The Red Spa 6001 hot tub is an all new 5 seater with twin loungers, designed with relaxation in mind. Perfect for either one or two couples to relax in with fully adjustable hydrotherapy on each seat. All with the included lit cup holders and waterfall to make your hot tub experience perfectly relaxing.

The Red Spa 6001 model is one of Red Spa’s largest models at 2.3m x 2.3m (7.5 foot). This hot tub is configured with 2 lounging seats and 3 individual seats. One lounger is fitted with 6 large directional jets for an all over deep tissue massage. The second lounger has a combination of 10 back jets fitted with both directional and pulse jets, allowing a precise massage all over your back, both lounging seats are also equipped with leg and foot directional jets and adjustable headrests.

The Red Spa 6001 hot tub has a captains chair which has a total of 18 stimulating jets in, The seat back container 14 individual pulse jets which work on your back and sides. The captain’s chair also includes 4 neck and shoulder directional jets which are positioned so the water is driven down onto your shoulders and neck

The Red Spa 6001 also includes 2 seats both with 4 adjustable directional jets in allowing a good massage


Dimensions230 x 230 x 88 cm (91” x 91” x 35”)
Total Jets58
Pumps3 (1 x 2.5 hp (2-speed), 2 x 2.0hp)
LightingLED Package (backlit jets, waterfall, cup holders, perimeter and large underwater light)
WaterfallSlice waterfall (LED backlit)
Filtration100 sq. foot
InsulationShell, cabinet, floor and hard ‘arctic condition’ insulated cover
Electrical Req:32 amp


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