Red Spa 6008


  • Sport Red Spa hot tub model
  • 3 person hot tub including 1 loungers
  • 36 jets
  • LED lighting package



Lighting All Red Spa Sport hot tubs include a programmable multi colour lighting package with a large underwater light and perimeter LED lights.

Power The Red Spa 6005 is not short on power. With 2 pumps supplying the 34 new hydro massage jets.

Insulation Red Spa Sport hot tubs have fitted with the highest level of insulation

  • High density foam backed shell
  • Reflective insulated cabinet and floor
  • 12cm ultra thick covers

The Red Spa 6008 Sport model is a 3 person hot tub with 2 seated positions and a lounger seat. The lounging seat provides a full body massage from your neck, down through your back and onto your legs and feet. The lounger is fitted with 18 jets to provide a complete hydro massage. The seated area contains 2 seats. One seat is fitted with 6 large rotational jets to provide a deep back massage. The other seat is fitted with 12 smaller acupressure jets for a deep massage, ideal for those hard to reach muscle knots, there are also 2 neck and shoulder jets for a complete hydrotherapy session.

The Red Spa 6008 is also fitted with 2 air adjustment valve for adjusting the jet pressure and 3 seats are also fitted with height adjustable headrests.


Seating: 3
Dimensions 210 x 170 x 88 cm (83” x 67” x 35”)
Total Jets 36
Pumps 2 (1 x 2.5hp (2-speed), 1 x 2.0hp)
Lighting LED Package (backlit jets, waterfall, cup holders, perimeter and large underwater light)
Waterfall Slice waterfall (LED backlit)
Ozone Included
Filtration 50 sq. foot
Insulation Shell, cabinet, floor and hard ‘arctic condition’ insulated cover
Electrical Req: 32 amp


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