Red Spa Hot Tubs For Sale


red-spa-6001-thumbA 5 seater with twin loungers, designed with relaxation in mind. Perfect for couples to get relaxed and unwind in.


red-spa-6002-thumbA high powered 6 seater with a single lounger. Perfect for all occasions with plenty of room for 6 people.


red-spa-6007-thumbAn all seated 7 to 8 person spa. An idea hot tub for socialising with room for lots of friends and family.


red-spa-6004-thumbA compact 6 seater hot tub. If your tight on space but still need room for 6 people and want all the premium touches then the 6004 could be for you.


red-spa-6005-thumbA compact 5 seater hot tub with twin loungers designed with relaxation in mind. A great family or couples hot tub.


red-spa-6006-thumbA 6 seater hot tub with a single lounger. The 6006 is a great all rounder hot tub, ideal for getting away for a little ‘me’ time and enjoying friends and family.


red-spa-6008-thumbA 3 seater hot tub with a lounger and a small footprint. Ideal if you are constrained on space or just don’t need the room of the larger hot tubs.